Central Vacuum Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Your central vacuum cleaner helps keep your home dust-free, making your indoor air cleaner to breathe.

At Clean Air Solutions, we provide professional central vacuum cleaning services so you can count on your vacuum to effectively do the job whenever you need it.

Central Vacuum Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Maintain the Longevity of Your Central Vacuum System

All appliances require routine maintenance and cleaning. Your central vacuum system is no exception.

Routine professional cleaning helps extend the life and performance of your central vacuum cleaner, providing reliable cleaning when you need it.

At Clean Air Solutions, we take the time and care to thoroughly clean the filter, tubes, connections, hose, and attachments to ensure optimal functionality of your entire central vacuum system.

When to Clean Your Central Vacuum Cleaner

The right frequency for cleaning your central vacuum cleaner will depend on several factors, including whether or not you have allergies, pets, or health concerns.

In general, we recommend booking a professional cleaning of your central vacuum every 1-2 years to ensure your removing excess dust and debris from your home.

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Comprehensive Cleaning Service You Can Trust

At Clean Air Solutions, we’re dedicated to exceptional service and thorough results because you and your family deserve to breathe clean air inside your home. When your central vacuum system is clean, it helps keep your entire home clean so you can breathe more easily.

Ready for cleaner indoor air? Schedule an appointment today for professional central vacuum cleaning services.

How It Works: Central Vacuum Cleaning


We start this process by emptying the vacuum canister. 


Next, we clean the filter and the entire vacuum. We then go to all the outlets in the home and blow into each outlet. 


Once that step is complete, we go back to the vacuum unit and remove the canister again. At this point, we can see how much was actually in the lines and at time it’s really amazing to see! 


We then reclean the entire vacuum once again for a thorough clean.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Still have questions about Dryer Vent Cleaning?

We offer regular tips and tricks you can use to keep your HVAC system clean between appointments.

Cleaning your dryer vent is an important cleaning job as it removes lint and debris buildup, which reduces the risk of fire, improves dryer efficiency, and prolongs the lifespan of your dryer.

Dryer vents should be cleaned at least once a year. However, homes with heavy dryer usage or longer vent runs may require more frequent cleaning, possibly every six months.

Not cleaning your dryer vent can lead to restricted airflow, overheating of the dryer, increased energy consumption, and the potential for a lint-related fire hazard.

Yes, lint buildup in dryer vents is highly flammable and can ignite under certain conditions, posing a severe fire hazard. Keeping your dryer vent clean and clear, along with emptying your lint trap every time you use your dryer, will reduce the risk of a fire.

Signs that indicate the need for dryer vent cleaning include longer drying times, a noticeable decrease in dryer performance, excessive heat or moisture in the laundry area, a musty smell in clothing, and visible lint around the dryer vent outside your home.

Better Health with Every Breath

There is nothing quite as refreshing as coming home and breathing in fresh, clean air. Our services dramatically reduce pollutants and dust in your HVAC system. This helps alleviate allergy symptoms, reduce regular sickness, and promote overall well-being.

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