clean air ducts

How to Know When Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Homeowners often fail to realize just how important it is to have your air ducts regularly cleaned and maintained. From affecting respiratory health to decreasing the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system, dirty air ducts have a more significant impact than you might…

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Cutting open a duct

Do Duct Cleaners Need to Cut a Hole in My Ducts?

If you’ve never had your duct system cleaned before, you might be surprised to find out that the duct cleaning process often involves cutting one or more holes in your ducts. While this may sound counterintuitive, cutting holes in the ducts is actually the most effective and efficient way to clean your ductwork.   Why…

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How to Tell if Mold is Present in Your Ducts (& What to Do)

With the weather getting colder, more and more Edmontonians will find themselves turning on their furnaces, but there may be a hidden culprit causing poor air quality throughout the winter months. Mold can appear quickly and hide relatively well inside air duct systems, so it’s important to keep an eye out for the first signs…

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3 Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned in the Summer Months

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment, the cleanliness of your air ducts plays a vital role. Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in your ductwork, compromising the air quality in your home. Maintaining good indoor air quality is essential for a healthy living environment, and regular duct cleaning helps…

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How to Avoid Duct Cleaning Scams in Edmonton

With summer just around the corner, more and more Edmontonians are looking to spruce up their homes’ indoor air quality with regular air duct maintenance. Unfortunately, this also means an influx of scammers looking to imitate these services and collect money. While these scams can sometimes be sophisticated, there are methods you can use to…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Edmonton Home Cool This Summer

With summer months rolling around, many of us are excited to finally experience those picnics in the park, swimming at the lake, and morning hikes again. Some days, however, are simply too hot to stay outside and warrant staying cool at home. Below are five useful tips on keeping your home cool during those sweltering…

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two sets of hands stretched out to feel the warmth of a fireplace

5 Fireplace Safety Tips to Keep You Warm and Cozy

There’s nothing quite as cozy as the warm glow of a fireplace. We feel a natural connection and positive reaction from the ambiance of a fire. It’s one of the reasons we love watching the yule log channel on TV during the holiday months. Even if we can’t have the real thing, we love the…

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3 Signs Your Central Vacuum System Needs a Repair or Maintenance 

Central vacuum systems continue to be popular amongst homeowners and offer a more convenient and powerful alternative to traditional vacuum cleaners. These traditional cleaners are usually heavy, bulky, and difficult to maneuver around the house and on stairs. They also require frequent emptying of canisters and cleaning of filters. While they generally get the job…

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city house snowy winter day

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Furnace Maintenance?

Your furnace is an important appliance which you are dependent on to keep your home heated during the Fall and Winter months. While your furnace is somewhat of a workhorse that functions dependably over a long period of time, it does require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, malfunctioning equipment and the threat of…

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wood burning fireplace in home

5 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh

Air quality and freshness are crucial for the health of your household. Low air quality can cause health issues in pets and humans. Long-term exposure to mould or allergens in the home may cause health difficulties, which is why professional cleaning is essential. Typically, pets can pick up on these allergens first, so it’s important…

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spacious open-concept dining room with floor to ceiling windows

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bills 

It’s no secret that Mother Nature has added a little bit of spice to this year’s summer forecast. Like many weather-sensitive Albertans, you have likely found yourself suffering through a string of ultra-hot days that have you begging for mercy (or the nearest AC unit) when the temperature is just too much. The simple solution…

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fireplace in modern home at christmas

Why Summer is the Best Time to Clean Your Chimney

Give Your Chimney a Break (and a Little TLC!)  You might be wondering why we would be talking about your chimney now that the chilly temperatures are behind us, but it’s always wise to think ahead and be sure your home is set up for success in every season.    At Clean Air Solutions, we…

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clean home furniture and house plants

7 Top Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality This Summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is just around the corner! As you prepare to turn on your air conditioning system at home and swap out your space heater for a portable fan at the office, it’s time to start thinking about how staying cool in the warmer months can affect your air quality. From…

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couch and coffee table with pillows and flowers

Our Top Duct Cleaning Tools & Methods and Why They Work 

Tried and True Duct Cleaning Methods Clean Air Solutions has been serving Edmonton with clean air ducts and superior indoor air quality for decades. Our age shows, and always in a good way! With time comes experience, and with experience comes expertise. Today, we’d like to share some of the secrets we use to make…

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Washing machine and dryer in laundry room

4 Items You Should Have Cleaned When You Buy a New Home

Moving into a new home is always an exciting time, but as you start to unpack boxes and move furniture into place, there will always be a few moments when you ask, “what’s that on the wall/floor/counter?” Even having a professional move-in or move-out cleaning doesn’t guarantee total cleanliness. And more importantly, surface cleaning won’t…

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snowy house in the winter

How to Lower the Cost of Heating Bills in the Winter

  Earlier in 2021, Farmers Almanacs were predicting a long and very cold winter in Alberta, and those predictions seem to be accurate so far. With temperatures well into the minus 30s for weeks on end, Albertans have been spending a lot of time indoors recently. With such a cold winter upon us, heating costs…

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candle burning on table with smoke and steam rising

Common Furnace & Duct Issues & How to Resolve Them 

The places we call home need continuous upkeep and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you have a brand-new house or an older home; the appliances, air ducts, electrical systems, and ductwork all need upkeep. Have you ever encountered an unusual sound in your ducts or smelled something odd coming from your air vents? It might…

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a vacuum cleaner in a bouse

Can I Clean My Air Ducts Myself?

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person? Do you enjoy figuring things out, putting together modular furniture, or gathering your home improvement ideas from Pinterest? If you said yes, then you might just be the DIY type. Around your home, you’ll find many tasks that you can tackle on your own, whether you have experience…

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kitchen island in a open concept home

How Duct Cleaning in Edmonton Works and What to Expect

Cleaning your ducts can vastly improve the air you breathe in your home and reduce allergy symptoms for sensitive sinuses. Clean indoor air will also help you sleep better at night, with less eyes and nose irritations. If you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned, your furnace and air conditioning systems might be pushing excess…

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Is Duct Cleaning Worth the Investment?

In Canada, our seasons provide us with a range of weather and outdoor conditions. Winters are cold and drive us to turn the heat up on most days, while summers can be sweltering hot, causing us to blast the air conditioning units (if we’re lucky to have them) or keep our windows and screens open…

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What’s Building Up in Your Air Ducts?

The end of spring brings warmer weather, copious blooming flowers, the return of insects, and porch weather. It’s also the time of year for many seasonal allergy triggers. When you have allergies, the last thing you want is to come home to your sanctuary, only to be sneezing and rubbing your eyes inside too.  …

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a wooden diffuser with steam coming out

How to Keep Your Indoor Air Feeling & Smelling Fresh All Year Round

According to Health Canada, the proper ventilation of air is essential for improving indoor air quality. Both natural and mechanical air ventilation systems keep fresh air circulating through our homes, improving both the feeling and smell of the air we breathe. The Importance of Ventilation Natural ventilation refers to the easy, natural movement of air,…

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Man working on home renovations

5 Strategies to Improve Air Quality During a Home Renovation

Have you ever noticed the incredible amount of dust and particles in the air around a construction site? Ever wondered where it all goes?    It’s one thing when construction work is happening outdoors with open-air ventilation and nature to disperse it, but what happens when it’s a renovation inside your home? The answer is…

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a clean and modern kitchen with an island and stools

Are Your Dirty Air Ducts Costing You Money?

Have you noticed your energy bills increasing lately? The cause might actually be your dirty air ducts! Chances are, you haven’t given the cleanliness of your air ducts a second thought, but besides affecting your health, it could also be decreasing your energy efficiency. If you haven’t had your ducts inspected or cleaned in a…

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runner stopping to take a breath

Is My Indoor Air Quality Affecting My Asthma?

There are plenty of environmental and lifestyle factors that can impact your asthma, but did you know that your house could be one of them? The air quality in your home has a lot more to do with your asthma than you might think, and bad air quality can silently impact your comfort and health.…

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A row of houses in the winter

How Smart Home Systems Can Help Lower Your Utility Bills

At Clean Air Solutions, we are all about improving home comfort (and health!) When we head into clients’ homes for duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, and fireplace and chimney cleaning services, we notice that more and more Albertans are using smart home systems to control their homes’ heating and cooling systems.   Connecting the utilities in…

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cold winter day in alberta sunrise and trees

5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill in the Winter

It’s that time of year again! As temperatures drop below zero, it’s only a matter of time before winter returns to Alberta. But with winter comes increased heating bills – something no Albertan wants to deal with, even if you’re a prairie winter veteran! Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive solutions out there for lowering…

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open window in white bedroom

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Furnace

Identifying When a Furnace is on its Last Legs For the Canadian homeowner, the possibility of a furnace breakdown is a thought that only begins to register when it’s already too late, like on a dreaded winter day when the temperature reaches a bone-chilling 30 degrees below zero.   Then, poof! Suddenly, your old furnace…

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plants in living room

How to Know When it’s Time for a New Furnace

When Should You Replace Your Furnace? At Clean Air Solutions, we get a lot of questions about furnaces and home heating systems in Edmonton. We’re not HVAC installers; however, we do know a thing or two about furnaces and we’re always happy to answer questions about your heating system and make recommendations. Before You Replace…

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high water in river during flood

6 Ways to Know if Your Home is at Risk for Mould Growth

Mould is a common issue in many homes, and if left untreated, it can cause structural damage and many negative health effects, from nosebleeds to worsening allergies. Studies even show a potential link between early mould exposure to the development of asthma in children. There are many different signs that could indicate a mould infestation,…

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family enjoying bedroom on weekend

10 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Making Strange Noises

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making that Noise? The ideal sound for your air conditioner to make is no sound at all. Unfortunately, what starts as a low hum can sometimes develop into clicks, clanking, screeching, and squealing.  Not only is it loud and annoying, in some cases, noise from your air conditioner can signal…

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kitchen window with yellow flowers in summer

8 Ways to Be Energy-Efficient This Summer

As the weather warms up, you’ll want to keep your home cool as a cucumber, but there’s a balance between comfort, cost, and environmental responsibility. Luckily, energy efficiency is becoming easier to achieve with new technology and research.  Why Be Energy-Efficient? Energy efficiency means using less energy to get the same excellent heating and cooling…

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field in spring with morning sunlight

End of Season Furnace Maintenance for Spring

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes warm weather and the perfect opportunity to clean and organize your home. Your furnace has just spent the last few months working overtime to keep your family warm over the winter. Now that the weather’s warmer, you’ll need to do some maintenance work to keep your furnace…

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vacuum on rug with a pair of white shoes

How to Maintain & Clean Your Central Vac System

When something in your house sucks, that’s usually a problem, unless it’s your central vac. If your vacuum hasn’t been keeping up with your pets, kids, dust bunnies and crumbs, it could be a sign that your system needs a deep cleaning.    Typically, central systems have far more sucking power than a standard vacuum,…

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mother and child sitting on clean white sofa

How to Check if You Need a Duct Cleaning

  There are two types of homeowners: those who have regular air duct cleaning built into their calendar, and those who can’t remember if they’ve ever had their ducts cleaned in their 20 years of owning the home.  If you’re one of the former, you can probably skip this post, because you’ll likely never see…

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sick woman blowing her nose

7 Signs You Need to Book an Air Duct Cleaning in 2020

As a homeowner, you have plenty of priorities when it comes to cleaning. Keeping your appliances working well, your kitchen and bathrooms spotless, and preventing your kids’ bedrooms from looking like a bomb hit them is hard enough!   That’s why some people go years between their duct cleaning appointments without realizing the negative effects…

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outdoor unit air conditioners

3 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning this Summer

More Edmontonians than ever are investing in central air conditioning for their homes. The added comfort on hot summer days is often worth that initial investment, but how much are you paying to keep it running all summer?   3 Simple Fixes to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer Your air conditioner works hard…

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washing machine dryer laundry

5 Important Signs You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

Protect Your Home From a Major Fire Hazard People go to great lengths to protect their homes from a fire. They install fire alarm systems, are careful with their stoves and ovens, and make sure to blow candles out before leaving. Unfortunately, one common cause of house fires that often gets overlooked is your dryer.…

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