Move Over Spring Cleaning! Four Winter Cleaning Routines to Brighten Up Your Home

man cleaning off desk with solution and wipe

We often associate decluttering and deep cleaning our homes with the long, sunny days of spring and summer. Something about the warm temperatures and imminent sunshine makes us want to brighten up our homes. But since we spend so much more time indoors when the temperatures begin to drop, the winter season is another excellent time to focus on brightening up our homes. A winter cleaning routine can include decluttering, deep cleaning of each room or floor, annual maintenance appointments for essential home appliances, and general upkeep. By implementing a winter cleaning routine, your home will feel more comfortable and cozy in the months to come.


Before the holiday season begins, our homes could benefit from a good decluttering session for several reasons. The first reason is that it will soon be the gift-giving season. If you think you’ll be receiving some new items for your home for Christmas, you’ll be thankful if you purged some of your unused, unwanted, or broken items beforehand. Secondly, it’s also in the spirit of the holidays to donate your unused or unwanted items that are in good working condition to charity or thrift stores for others to purchase. Alternatively, you could also sell your items online to make some extra money for the holidays or the new year.  

Clean Out Storage Areas

Another area begging to receive your attention during the winter months is your storage closet or storage room. When the snow, ice, and wind keep you inside, why not spend a little bit of time organizing those neglected and dreaded areas of your home? When you take out your Christmas tree or other seasonal items, you’ll create a great opportunity to further clean out the storage area of other clutter and unwanted things. Cleaning out storage areas helps with the decluttering process as well.

Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Fall and winter are also great times to have your air ducts and furnace both cleaned and serviced. We know your schedule is busy, which is why when you choose a full-service company such as Clean Air Solutions Ltd., we’ll take care of both services in one appointment. 

Furnace Cleaning

It’s essential to have your furnace serviced annually to keep it working in top shape from year to year. Scheduling a winter service will ensure you have a clean operating furnace during the season you need it the most. Regular cleanings and air filter replacement will help keep your furnace operating correctly and lasting longer. 

Air Duct Cleaning

What better time to clean your ducts than the season when you’ll likely spend the most time indoors? An air duct cleaning service helps rid your ducts of excess dust and improves your indoor air circulation and air quality. Clean Air Solutions uses state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean your air ducts with no mess and no hassle. 

Carpet Cleaning

Winter is also a perfect time to have your carpets cleaned. Think of all the dust, dirt, and other things that blew through your screens and collected on your carpets during the summer season when windows and doors were wide open. Now that you and your family are spending more time inside and probably spending more time on your carpet, it’s great to have them scrubbed. Whether you rent a device or hire professional carpet cleaners, your carpets deserve some love. Plus, cleaning your carpets means less dust, dirt, and allergens will circulate around your home and get trapped in your furnace and ducts. 

Air Duct and Furnace Cleaning in Edmonton

Are you working through your winter cleaning list? Call Clean Air Solutions to set up your furnace and duct cleaning appointment. We offer great service, transparent prices, and efficient solutions for all your furnace and air duct issues.