How to Lower the Cost of Heating Bills in the Winter

snowy house in the winter


Earlier in 2021, Farmers Almanacs were predicting a long and very cold winter in Alberta, and those predictions seem to be accurate so far. With temperatures well into the minus 30s for weeks on end, Albertans have been spending a lot of time indoors recently.

With such a cold winter upon us, heating costs are also rising significantly. In addition to the increasing costs of fuel in Alberta, furnaces are drawing on more and more fuel to keep homes warm and families safe. Many homeowners are drawn to their thermostats, but turning the heat down a few degrees doesn’t make a great difference in your heating bills, nor does it make for a happy and warm home during the coldest weeks of the year.

Instead of running to the thermostat, we have a few actions you can take to lower your monthly energy bill and still have a warm and cozy house to relax in.


Have Your HVAC System Maintained and Checked

In many cases, our furnace and duct cleaning technicians are called in when there are already suspected issues in the HVAC system of a home or business. And, while furnace and duct cleaning are an essential part of servicing and maintaining the system, we also know the importance of having an HVAC professional check your system over when there are any indications of issues. Almost always, if you wait until something breaks, you’ll end up spending more money on repairs than you would have on maintenance (plus some potentially cold hours or days while you wait for parts or technicians!) Luckily, our duct cleaning professionals have excellent contacts and can advise you when you need additional eyes on your heating and cooling system.


Invest in Duct Cleaning

The air blowing through your HVAC and duct system is a powerful force, and as such, it often picks up larger molecules, such as dirt, dust, and allergens, and pushes them through your home or collects them. When your ducts become dirty, it’s not only affecting your air quality, but the efficiency of your entire heating system.

Unlike most places in your home, it isn’t easy to reach your duct system to give it a thorough cleaning. This is why our clients hire Clean Air Solutions to thoroughly clean their duct systems once a year. Our high-powered vacuums and specific cleaning tools allow us to clean the ducts, even with limited access. At the same time, furnace cleaning helps make your furnace operate more easily, which means it can draw less power to heat your home.

As an added bonus, you’ll have cleaner, fresher air to breathe in your home after duct cleaning—a definite bonus as we all spend more time indoors to avoid the cold and snow.


Equalize Your Energy Payments

For families who like to stick to a budget, energy bills can be difficult to work into a monthly plan. In the summer, we tend to use a lot less energy, even if we have central air conditioning to keep our homes cool. Meanwhile, the bitter cold that can span several weeks in winter drains our gas meters like nothing else.

One way to keep a bit of balance this winter season (and next year’s, too!) is to find out if your energy company offers equalized payment options. It works by looking at your total usage of energy over the last year (or several years, depending on the company and how long you’ve been a customer), and using this as an estimate for your upcoming year. Then, that total is broken down into twelve equal monthly payments. This means you won’t go from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars throughout the year. Just keep in mind that at the end of the year, if there is a difference, you will owe your energy company the balance.


Book Your Furnace and Duct Cleaning Appointment Today

Has it been a while since your last duct cleaning? If it has, or if you aren’t sure, it’s time to book your next appointment. Our advanced training and equipment help us make easy work of cleaning your duct system. As a result, you’ll have cleaner air and lower energy bills, even as the winter cold settles in. Call now to book your next appointment!