How to Check if You Need a Duct Cleaning

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There are two types of homeowners: those who have regular air duct cleaning built into their calendar, and those who can’t remember if they’ve ever had their ducts cleaned in their 20 years of owning the home. 

If you’re one of the former, you can probably skip this post, because you’ll likely never see any of these signs floating around your home. If you’re one of the latter, read on! Not only will you learn when to book a furnace and duct cleaning appointment, but you’ll also learn why it’s important. 


The Top 6 Signs It’s Time to Call an Edmonton Duct Cleaning Service



1. Extra dust floating around


If you find yourself pulling out the duster more frequently, it’s a sign that there’s a buildup in your furnace or ducts. Check your furnace filter and book your cleaning to keep your home looking and feeling fresh.



2. Replacing filters more often


If you suddenly find yourself replacing your furnace filter more often (or it comes out looking dirtier than usual), it’s probably time for deep cleaning. 

Remember that the air in your home gets recycled, so the only way dust, debris, and allergens get stopped from going around and around your home is when a filter stops it, or when you have the entire system cleaned out thoroughly. Learn more about when and how to replace your furnace filter.



3. Uneven airflow to your vents


Like any system, sudden changes to your heating and cooling system usually indicate a problem. When certain vents or rooms aren’t getting airflow or the airflow to one vent in particular isn’t coming through evenly, a blockage in your ducts is the most likely culprit.  



4. Odour



When your furnace or air conditioning kicks in and you suddenly get a whiff of something musty, dirty, or singed, it’s probably from a buildup in your ducts. If you’re not 100% sure you can smell something strange, go outside for a few minutes and come back in. Any “off” smell will be most apparent when you come in from the fresh air. 


5. Dirty vent covers


One great way to check if you’re overdue for a ducting cleaning service is to remove your vent covers and see how dirty they are. If you wipe them off and the cloth comes away with dirt and dust, book a cleaning as soon as possible. To use this as a gauge in the future, be sure to clean your vent covers every time you get your ducts cleaned so you can check the build-up since your last appointment.


6. Poor health 


It’s hard to know why someone is sick, but if it’s recurring more often for you or your family members, it might be the circulation of germs, bacteria, and allergens. Having duct cleaning can instantly improve the quality of any home, and it’s one of the main reasons our clients ask us to come to their homes each year for cleaning!


Signs Your Dryer Vents & Chimney Need to Be Cleaned

It’s not just dirty ducts that can impact your home’s air quality; dirty dryer vents and chimneys can also be a health and safety concern. 

When dryer vents become blocked with buildup, it’s more likely that the heat from your dryer can cause it to light up and start a fire. Most homeowners have their dryer vents cleaned out with their annual furnace and duct cleaning, but a few signs to look for include lint blowing through the outside vent, more lint building up in the trap than usual, or a singeing smell when you start your dryer. 

Chimneys, fireplaces, and wood stoves can also become fire and air quality hazards when they aren’t cleaned out. Soot and creosote can build up in chimneys and needs to be removed frequently, especially if you use your fireplace regularly. 

The best way to book your cleaning is to get all of your maintenance done at once. We also offer services for air conditioner coil cleaning, hot water heating systems, and humidifiers. 


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