Do Duct Cleaners Need to Cut a Hole in My Ducts?

Cutting open a duct

If you’ve never had your duct system cleaned before, you might be surprised to find out that the duct cleaning process often involves cutting one or more holes in your ducts. While this may sound counterintuitive, cutting holes in the ducts is actually the most effective and efficient way to clean your ductwork.


Why Do Cleaners Need to Cut a Hole in My Ducts?

When cleaning your duct work, duct cleaners use powerful vacuums to suction out dust, dirt, and debris. At Clean Air Solutions, our high-powered, state-of-the-art vacuum truck is equipped with 300 PSI of compressed air to clean the ducts efficiently and effectively.

Without any additional holes made in the ductwork, the vacuum’s only access points are through the vents in your home. This means we won’t be able to reach certain parts of the duct system, leaving those sections dirty. This is why we need to cut one or more holes in your ductwork. In a proper air duct cleaning, we cut holes in the ducts; this grants us access to parts of the ductwork we could not otherwise reach.


How Do Cleaners Cut Holes in My Ducts?

Cutting holes in your air ducts is always done with careful planning and extreme precision. Before making any cuts, your cleaners will inspect and analyze the ductwork. Here, they will find the most effective access point; this will be an area that grants access to the ductwork while minimizing impact on the structure of your duct system.

At Clean Air Solutions, we will typically cut a hole in the rear or side of the ductwork above the furnace. Many duct cleaners use 8” vacuum hoses and will need to create an 8” hole. However, Clean Air uses a 10” vacuum hose to provide a more thorough, effective cleaning. As such, we will need to cut a 10” hole in your ductwork to fit the hose.

After strategically planning the best place to make an access point, your cleaners will begin the cutting process. They will carefully cut the hole and then place a horsehair filter on top of the heat exchanger. This filter will catch all of the falling debris from the ductwork. Then, the vacuum is inserted into the hole, and they can begin the cleaning process!


How Do Cleaners Patch Up Holes in My Ducts?

When homeowners find out that duct cleaners must cut a hole in their ductwork, their primary concern is typically how the hole will be patched up. The exact method for sealing the hole differs depending on the cleaner, but Clean Air Solutions uses a tried-and-true method that will fully seal the hole while eliminating the need to cut more holes in the future.

After your ducts have been fully cleared of dust, dirt, and debris, our cleaners will reassemble the furnace and make sure everything is in working order. They will then install a 12” by 12” access plate, also known as a patch plate, over the hole.

The next time you need your ducts cleaned, our cleaners will simply remove the access plate and re-use the same hole for the vacuum hose, saving time and minimizing impact on the structure of your ductwork.


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