Common Furnace & Duct Issues & How to Resolve Them 

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The places we call home need continuous upkeep and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you have a brand-new house or an older home; the appliances, air ducts, electrical systems, and ductwork all need upkeep. Have you ever encountered an unusual sound in your ducts or smelled something odd coming from your air vents? It might be a simple solution, or it might be something worth investigating. Here are several common HVAC problems and how to fix them.

Common HVAC Problems

Here are five common HVAC problems and how to troubleshoot the problem.

Knocking Sounds

Do you ever get that noise when your furnace kicks in, and suddenly it sounds like a battle is raging in your ductwork? You hear popping sounds, or banging noises, or even quick-paced rat-a-tat-tats. Sometimes it sounds like knocking on the door or walls as if something spookier was at work. The bad news is this problem is common and challenging to eliminate, but the good news is there is a way to reduce the noise significantly. Having your ductwork cleaned, sealed, and insulated by a professional can drastically minimize the sounds caused by the air cycling through your duct systems. And if your home is older and you’re considering replacing your ductwork, we recommend choosing round ducts over square ones, as they are known to make fewer sounds.

Leaky Air Ducts

Have you noticed that your home takes a while to heat up or cool down? The reason might be leaky ducts. When your duct systems aren’t sealed properly, air can escape, causing your heating and cooling system to work harder while also allowing dirty outside air to enter without travelling through a filter. Once you’ve had your air ducts sealed, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the time it takes to warm or cool your home.

Restricted Air Flow

When you turn your furnace on, does the airflow seem weak even though the vents are open? Or maybe your furnace cycles between on and off rather suddenly? These are usually signs that your air filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Clogged filters can restrict airflow, preventing the warm air from effectively filling your home. The air restriction can cause your furnace to work harder and your energy bills to rise. We recommend changing your air filters every two to three months.

Burning Smells

The start of the cold season means many people are starting their furnaces for the first time, which can often result in strange smells erupting from your air vents. The most common culprit is a burning smell caused by a layer of dust that has settled since the last time you turned on your furnace. This smell will disappear in a few minutes and should not repeat itself. If the smell persists, there could be two main problems: an electrical problem with your furnace or congestion in your duct system. We recommend inspecting your furnace and outlet to see if the smell is more pungent there or any obvious signs at the outlet. If you suspect there could be a problem with your furnace, we suggest that you schedule a service inspection with an HVAC repair specialist. If the smell continues after that appointment or is coming from another source in the house, we suggest scheduling a duct cleaning appointment. If there is debris trapped in your ductwork, our trained specialists will clear it out.

No Heat

Starting your furnace up for the first time when the air starts to turn cool should be a straightforward process if you’ve kept your furnace well maintained and your air filters changed regularly. If you don’t feel the warm hair coming through your vents, there are several possible problems. The first two are quick fixes. Always check to ensure that your furnace is plugged in and that the breaker has not tripped. Next, make sure you’ve switched your thermostat to “heat”. This is a common mistake in homes that have both heating and cooling systems. If those options don’t fix the problem for you, you might have an issue with the pilot light or something else mechanical. In this case, we recommend contacting an HVAC repair specialist.

Furnace and Duct Cleaning Services in Edmonton

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