Clean and Efficient Living: A Guide to Dryer Vent and Central Vacuum System Maintenance

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Dryer vents and central vacuum systems are two of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a clean, efficient home environment. While you might think they’re inconsequential, these two parts of the home are the key to maintaining a clean, efficient home environment. The Significance of Dryer Vent Cleaning Have you noticed that your dryer is […]

4 Items You Should Have Cleaned When You Buy a New Home

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Moving into a new home is always an exciting time, but as you start to unpack boxes and move furniture into place, there will always be a few moments when you ask, “what’s that on the wall/floor/counter?” Even having a professional move-in or move-out cleaning doesn’t guarantee total cleanliness. And more importantly, surface cleaning won’t […]

How to Lower the Cost of Heating Bills in the Winter

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  Earlier in 2021, Farmers Almanacs were predicting a long and very cold winter in Alberta, and those predictions seem to be accurate so far. With temperatures well into the minus 30s for weeks on end, Albertans have been spending a lot of time indoors recently. With such a cold winter upon us, heating costs […]

4 Surprising Results a Home Air Quality Might Uncover in Your House

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Poor Indoor Air Quality is Harming Your Health Air quality testing your home might reveal some surprising results. But what does it mean for your home and health?   Indoor Air Pollutants Might Be Lingering in Your Ducts Dirty vents aren’t just dangerous to the health of your furnace or air conditioner; they can ruin […]

5 Important Signs You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

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Protect Your Home From a Major Fire Hazard People go to great lengths to protect their homes from a fire. They install fire alarm systems, are careful with their stoves and ovens, and make sure to blow candles out before leaving. Unfortunately, one common cause of house fires that often gets overlooked is your dryer. […]