3 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning this Summer

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]More Edmontonians than ever are investing in central air conditioning for their homes. The added comfort on hot summer days is often worth that initial investment, but how much are you paying to keep it running all summer?


3 Simple Fixes to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Your air conditioner works hard in the summer. If your utility bills are becoming mammoth in size, it might be time to take a few steps to reduce them this cooling season. There are a few easy ways to get your air conditioning system running smoothly and with less wasted energy.


  1.   Tune Up Your A/C

Energy efficiency is important, but appliances become less efficient when they’re dirty. Like any aspect of your home, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance and cleaning. All that moving air accumulates dust and dirt, which means a build-up on fans and in filters.

If your A/C is sucking up energy, the first place to start is your central air unit, which is typically an outdoor unit. Your local HVAC expert can stop by and give your unit an inspection and tune up any parts that aren’t working smoothly. Changing filters, cleaning and repairing fan arms, using a coil cleaner for the condenser coils in the condenser unit, and a few other simple air conditioner tune-ups can make a big difference when it comes to your utility bills.

If you need a great HVAC professional in Edmonton, reach out! We can recommend a great company known for air conditioner and furnace installs and maintenance.


  1.   Have Your Ducts Cleaned 

One of the best ways to get your air flowing easily is having your ducts cleaned regularly. Duct cleaners will come to your home and use high-powered vacuums and tools to clean out every duct in your home.

We recommend a full cleaning every spring and fall for the best level of efficiency. That way, dust and debris that have built up over the summer during air conditioning months and in the winter during furnace months can be cleaned out. Plus, you’ll have clean, clear air to breathe all summer and winter!

At Clean Air Solutions, we pride ourselves on being thorough and courteous in every duct cleaning appointment. Many of our customers choose to book annual or 6-month cleanings as part of their regular home maintenance because they can feel the difference in their air quality. Plus, they’re saving on their monthly utility bills. To book your first cleaning, get in touch with our furnace and duct cleaning specialists and make an appointment.


  1.   Check Your Home’s Insulation 

If you’re losing heat or cold, your home’s insulation might be to blame. There are many places where you could be leaking indoor air including your windows and doors, your walls, your basement, or your attic. Replacing insulation in the outdoor walls of your home is a great way to hold in more cool air from your air conditioning in the summer months. If your house was built before 1980 and the insulation has never been replaced in the walls or attic, it might be time.

You can also check the windows and doors for drafts and air leaks. Adding a bit of caulking to windows or weather stripping around door seals can help you lock in your indoor air and keep out the outside heat in the summer months.


Keep Your Home Maintained & Save Money

When air flows smoothly, pocketbooks grow! We know this from experience. Build-ups of dust, debris, and allergens can cause major health concerns (especially for the young and elderly), health problems for pets, high utility bills, and a dirty, dusty house environment. Keep your home clear of dangerous mites and save money while you’re at it. Call Clean Air Solutions today to schedule regular maintenance so you never have to worry about what’s in your ducts again. Proudly serving Edmonton and area for all their HVAC cleaning needs!