5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill in the Winter

cold winter day in alberta sunrise and trees

It’s that time of year again! As temperatures drop below zero, it’s only a matter of time before winter returns to Alberta. But with winter comes increased heating bills – something no Albertan wants to deal with, even if you’re a prairie winter veteran!

Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive solutions out there for lowering your heating bills, so you can spend your winter in a comfortable home without worrying about the price tag.

The Top 5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills

Insulate Your Home

How well insulated is your home? Even just a small crack in insulation can lead to an increase in heating bills. Check for drafts near windows, doors, pipes, and outlets. Additionally, make sure the weatherstripping around windows and doors is still in good condition. If you feel drafts or notice spaces and cracks, it might be a good time to replace your weatherstripping. 

Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers are a great way to keep warm while reducing your heating bill. This is because heat is retained better in humid air than it is in dry air. The more humid your air is, the less energy it takes to heat up your home. Humidifiers also help with a few other issues, like static electricity and dry skin, both of which are common in dry Alberta winters.

Use a Space Heater

Space heaters give you the option to turn down your thermostat while still keeping warm. This is a great option for those who have to work from home, live alone, or live in a large home that doesn’t need to be completely heated. Just make sure to stay safe – always turn off and unplug the heater when you’re not in the area or while you’re asleep, and always keep it properly maintained and stored.

Make Sure Your Heating Ducts Are Sealed

Leaks in your heating ducts reduce your energy efficiency, taking longer to heat your home and raising your heating bills. Take a look at your heating ducts and feel for any leaks. Duct sealing tape, also known as foil tape, will work in a pinch to fix it, but for a more durable and long-lasting solution, try duct sealant or call in an HVAC professional.

Maintain Your Furnace

Proper furnace maintenance is key to ensuring high-quality energy efficiency in your home. There are a few steps to take in maintaining your furnace:

  • Replace your filter. This should be done every 30-90 days, depending on the quality of the filter and amount of pets you own. A dirty air filter will impede the airflow of your furnace, reducing the amount of heat released into your home.
  • Make sure the blower motor is working properly. A telltale sign that there’s something wrong with the motor is a shrill screeching sound or a loud humming. When it comes to fixing your motor, it’s best to call in an expert.
  • Clean your vents and ductwork. Similar to air filters, ducts can get dirty and impede airflow into your home. Make sure there’s nothing blocking the way of your vents, and that it’s free of any debris. For a full ductwork cleaning, contact a professional.
  • Check that the area around your furnace is clean. Objects in the way of your furnace can be a hazard, especially flammable items like cardboard.


Get Professional Furnace Cleaning

When in doubt, the experts are always here to help. Cleaning your furnace is a big job and probably isn’t top of mind. So, why not call in a professional? Whether you need servicing for an issue or just a general cleaning, our services are readily available. Contact us to discuss what our services can do to improve your HVAC system, increase your air quality, and reduce your utility bills.