5 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh

wood burning fireplace in home

Air quality and freshness are crucial for the health of your household. Low air quality can cause health issues in pets and humans. Long-term exposure to mould or allergens in the home may cause health difficulties, which is why professional cleaning is essential.

Typically, pets can pick up on these allergens first, so it’s important to keep an eye on your pet’s health. Inspections and cleaning for your HVAC unit will ensure your home’s air quality and the safety of yourself, your family and your pets. 


How Can You Ensure Your Air Quality Is Safe? 

Use a Humidifier With Air Purification

There is no question that Alberta’s weather can be dry, and a humidifier will help keep your home from becoming uncomfortably dry. Using a humidifier with air purification will make it easier to live and breathe in your home.

A home humidifier will add the needed moisture into the room, decreasing the chances of viruses and bacteria spreading, as they do not survive well in moist environments. A humidifier can also help dry skin and add much-needed moisture to your daily life. 

At Clean Air Solutions, we can install a General Aire 1042-type humidifier for you! This type of humidifier can supply your whole home reliably and efficiently.  


Install a Range Vent that Vents Directly Outside

A great way to have excellent air quality is by installing a range vent. Range vents are also called vent hoods or range hoods. Their job is to carry cooking smells and fumes to the outside instead of cycling throughout your home.  

A range vent will filter out airborne contaminants and grease, keeping your home clean. Cleaning your kitchen will be less painful, as there will be less residue to scrub off countertops and cupboards. Once you start cooking, turn on the vent, and any extra grease will leave your home. 


Book Annual Chimney Cleaning Services

Knowing when your chimney needs cleaning depends on the type of chimney and how often you use your wood burning fireplace. Once a year is an optimal start at how often you should check it. 

For safety reasons and air quality concerns, your chimney should have regular cleanings. Without routine maintenance, soot and creosote buildup will occur. Creosote is a highly flammable substance and can increase the risk of chimney fires in your home. An accumulation of creosote can also block airflow, creating difficulties for carbon monoxide to flow out. Cleaning your chimney will help prevent this buildup. Chimney sweep services will decrease fire and air pollution risks and keep your home protected and secure.


Clean Your Air Ducts Regularly

Cleaning your air ducts is a must for optimal healthy airflow. Every two years for cleaning is a good starting point. In households with hypersensitive allergies, pet owners, or families with small kids, it’s advisable to have a cleaning done more frequently.  


Have Your Furnace and AC Cleaned and Maintained

Your HVAC unit must be cleaned and maintained to ensure safety and excellent air quality. Your HVAC unit can accumulate dust over time, filling your filters and spreading into your home. The accumulation of dust can also overwork your unit, causing your heating bills to skyrocket.

At Clean Air Solutions, we can run through our inspection costs with you. We will go through furnace and chimney cleaning costs and your HVAC cleaning costs.


Clean Air Solutions Duct Cleaning Services

At Clean Air Solutions Ltd., we care about your home’s air quality and the safety of your home and loved ones. We ensure quality customer service and exceptional air duct cleaning services. Keep your home safe and clean by booking an appointment with Clean Air Solutions today.