4 Times You Should Hire a Professional Duct Cleaner in Edmonton

Being a homeowner comes with many considerations, from how your home looks to how well it functions. But what about less obvious considerations, such as the air quality in your home? Studies have found that the indoor air quality within some homes and buildings is worse than the outdoor air in big cities. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for you, your family, or your pets. 

Keeping a home clean is one way to improve air quality, but one of the most important considerations is how clean your ducts are. Investing in state-of-the-art professional duct cleaning will help improve the air quality of your home, leading to better health outcomes for your family. We have a few tips on when you should hire a professional duct and HVAC cleaner to help you maintain your home’s air quality and protect against contaminants. 

When You Move Into a New Place

When moving into your new home, you’ll want to ensure that your home’s ventilation system is up to standard before moving in. You may be unaware of the living habits of the last homeowners. Did they have furry pets? Did they smoke or vape indoors? When was the last time they cleaned their vents? 

By hiring a professional duct cleaner to come in before your move-in date, you’ll have peace of mind that your duct systems are correctly maintained. This can be especially helpful as a preventative measure if anyone moving in has any respiratory illnesses or allergies. 


Duct cleaning should be done annually as a preventative measure for your home’s air quality. As months go by, your air ducts can become clogged with dirt and debris. Your family’s furry members also impact the air quality of your home. Pet dander and fur will accumulate in air vents, decreasing the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. 

A professional duct cleaner can help detect issues before they become an issue. They’ll be able to help check your ventilation system for any issues before they come up, such as duct disconnects, leaks, and blocks. Regular duct check-ups will also prolong the life of your HVAC equipment in the long run, preventing energy costs and expenses. 

After Home Renovations  

Wood and materials from construction and home renovations can stay in your home’s ventilation system long past the finish date. Odours from chemical cleaners, paint, and woodwork can also remain in your home as well. These leftover fumes and debris are toxic and should not be breathed in. A professional post-home renovation duct cleaning is crucial for getting rid of dust and debris caused by home construction. 

When You Move Out

There’s nothing quite like that new-house smell to welcome you to your new home, so why not have your vents cleaned to greet your new occupants? Ensuring that your ducts are looked after and clean is a nice gesture to the next family moving in. This is reflective of the care which you’ve taken over the house. 

It may also be a requirement in the purchase contract to have your house thoroughly cleaned once you sell it or move out. If so, having a professional vent cleaner clean your vents is one of the best ways to cover your bases and maintain home cleanliness. This is helpful to ensure a smooth transition and prevent disputes or conflicts. 

Your Local HVAC Company

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