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Is there visible dust or dirt, or worse yet, a musty odour coming from your vents or HVAC equipment? If so, your air ducts and dryer vents are overdue for cleaning.


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What does it mean to get furnace cleaning Edmonton?

For most people whom I’ve talked to, they usually say the same thing to me, “I’ve had my furnace and ducts cleaned, and never even noticed a difference afterwards!”

That is so true! The reason why, and it’s so easy to understand where these folks are coming from, is because most of the companies do not remove the blower from inside the furnace.

Their process works this way: they’ll cut a hole just above the furnace into the plenum, then attach the vacuum hose to it and clean the hot air ductwork. Any debris that falls onto the secondary coils or past the coils and falls into the blower, that debris will just stay there. They may then cut a hole into the return air plenum and vacuum it out. Then afterwards, use an air wand to blow the air into the furnace compartment. The holes get patched up and then it’s off to the next house.

Ever since I’ve started furnace cleaning Edmonton, back in September of 1991, I’ve always removed the blower. You might say that I’m ‘old school’, but I say, if you’re not removing that blower from the furnace, you really are not doing your job! I know, with these new high efficiency furnaces these days, it’s time-consuming and troublesome to remove the blower, but it must be done. If I cannot remove the blower for some reason, I personally will not do the job. My reputation means more to me than the money, and besides, I know as a fact that the job will turn out horribly.

You see, when that blower gets removed, I can now clean inside of it, along with the motor that is mounted to it.


The Clean Air Solutions Process

A 10” hole gets cut above the furnace, and a flexible filter is placed on top of the heat exchanger. Then the 10” vacuum hose gets mounted into the hole, and I can place my tarp in the location where the blower was and allow my vacuum to hold it in place. For the return air ductwork, I remove the hose from the plenum, and place it where the blower goes. I then tarp the outside of the furnace and place another tarp on top of the filter that has been placed on top of the heat exchanger. Now I can resume cleaning the return air vents and ductwork!

All vents get cleaned twice. Once with a skipper ball attachment and once with a three-prong viper whip. The main trunk lines that are attached to the furnace get cleaned up by using air lines and later with connecting rods and a longer three-prong viper whip then finally with a clear line to make sure that all debris is out.

On average, the process takes about 3 hours, but when the cleaning is complete, I personally guarantee you’ll hear and smell the difference inside your home.

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Why You Should Get Furnace Cleaning Edmonton

Furnace cleaning Edmonton has many advantages at getting your heating/cooling system cleaned out. First, if you’re having difficulty with breathing in your home because of your asthma or allergies, you’ll certainly notice a difference immediately. If you’re frustrated with having to dust all the time, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll have more time doing the things you want to do, like spending time with family or just having more time for your hobbies. Another thing you should notice, is that a lot of the time, when the furnace is operating, it’ll be much quieter to the point that some of my clients are in disbelief that it’s even running!

Something that is hard to measure, is the fact that when you have a clean system, chances are that your furnace will have fewer breakdowns, especially with the newer high-efficiency furnaces that are produced these days.

As well I am sure that if you maintain a healthy clean system, you may just notice a difference in operating costs! Although I cannot guarantee that for certain, if someone ever notices a savings on their utilities, I would definitely love to hear all about it below!

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The Spirit of Clean Air Solutions Ltd.

Furnace cleaning Edmonton has been my passion for the last 32 years and I know I’ve made a difference in so many families’ lives. There are families that I’ve cleaned for who at the time had small children. Those children are now all grown up, married and have children of their own who I also happen to clean for now! That makes me feel older, but it makes me feel proud that I’m doing something that really is making a difference.

As a wise and a great furnace cleaner once told me, “It’s an honest business where you can help bring clean air to people inside their homes!”

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